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Money or Self Pride.

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  • Ricky Gurley
    Dave and Me , It is not really that I or I don t believe anyone, thinks that you should not be given a certain amount of respect for the potential dangers
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2006
      Dave and "Me",

      It is not really that I or I don't believe anyone, thinks that
      you should not be given a certain amount of respect for the potential
      dangers that you face in your line of work. I think it is honorable
      that you choose to get up everyday and walk into a potentially
      dangerous situation to protect people and property.

      I did Bail Recovery work for a long time. I have recovered over
      3,000 fugitives within the USA and abroad, either directly or
      indirectly (meaning that I either personally affected their
      apprehension myself, or caused them to be apprehended by law
      enforcement). At one time I had an average of 70 fugitives cases on
      my desk at any given time. I have snatched people off of the streets
      of The Bronx, New York in broad daylight (Eric Myers - 1995). And
      sometimes I got "ripped off" by my clients, sometimes I had bad
      months, the police for the most part have no respect or like
      for "Bountyhunters", the job is hazardous, and you don't just have to
      be careful in the field when working, you have to be careful about
      how you do the work because Law Enforcement loves an opportunity to
      go after a "Bountyhunter" generally. Let me say this while I
      am "boasting" (I know someone will accuse me of this, so I'll just
      beat them to the punch) there are exceptions to the rule on Law
      Enforcement, I have met some very friendly, extremely nice and
      respectful people in Law Enforcement that have assisted me over the
      years. So, I think that the work that I chose to do for over 12 years
      was as "bad" as what you are making complaints about now. But I never
      complained about it. Because I knew that I chose to do this work, and
      I knew what came along with the job. I was single back then, and I
      loved to travel, and I traveled all over the U.S.A.. I enjoyed the
      challenge of "playing the chess game" with a fugitive, and
      loved "winning that chess game" even more. I enjoyed the big paydays
      whenever they came along (few and far between), so I had some things
      that I enjoyed about the work too, and that is why I stayed in it as
      long as I did. I never really wanted respect, or recognition for my
      work, as a matter of fact, I wanted to try to stay "under the radar".
      I wanted to be able to "get in and get out without being noticed".
      So, the lack of respect was never an issue with me. But I know that I
      never had any right to complain about anything that happened to me in
      that line of work, because I made a conscious decision to be there;
      and that is pretty much what I think some of us are saying to you and
      your partner.

      I later found a better way to make money, and I don't do much
      recovery work now, every once in a while I'll take a case if it pays
      well enough. But I CHOOSE to do that, and I also CHOOSE to make money
      a better way, so as long as I have those choices, I don't have a
      right to complain. That is my point in a nutshell. Do your job, do it
      the best you can, the good people will recognize that and thank you
      for it, the ungrateful people will just be the same to you as they
      are to everyone else, even the Police Officers that you say don't
      respect you. But, don't complain..

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