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Dallas Seminar for Protective Specialists

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  • Michael S. Dikovitsky
    Dallas Network Seminar for Investigators and Professional Protection Officers This Class is tailored for Investigators, and Professional Protection Officers
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      Dallas Network Seminar for Investigators and
      Professional Protection Officers

      This Class is tailored for Investigators, and Professional Protection
      Saturday, December 9th, 2006, 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM
      Being Hosted at Signature Place, 14785 Preston Rd. Suite 550, Dallas,
      Texas 75254
      Cost $75 - Attendance Limited

      7:30 - 8:30 a.m. Networking & Coffee - Bring Résumé's
      9:30 - 10:30 a.m. Modern Concepts of Protective Services, Instructor
      Michael D. Park
      10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Organized Crime - Extortion & Blackmail, Instructor
      Mike Dikovitsky
      11:30 - 12:30 a.m. Skills of the Executive Protection Specialist,
      Instructor Joe Berger, Jr

      Pre registration is required. Pre-register by sending a check or money
      order to HD Boar
      Inc, PO Box 2505, Red Oak, Texas 75154 or Credit Cards are accepted by
      going online to
      www.hdboartexas.us <http://www.hdboartexas.us/> , click the cost for
      services link, and scroll to until you see the Paypal

      By HD BOAR INC., Investigative & Protective Services
      (469) 222-8740 www.hdboartexas.us <http://www.hdboartexas.us/>

      Course Summaries

      Modern Concepts of Protective Services
      As a Professional Protection Specialist we must continue to evolve with
      and practice
      professional methods as the frequency and threat levels rise. The over
      all concept of
      modern personal protective services is to provide a pro-active
      protective barrier which tries
      to prevent even the possibility of an assault and in the gravest of
      extremes tries to minimize
      the effect or success from any assault. The mission for a Professional
      security detail

      Instructor Michael D. Park retired as a career professional Special
      Agent (Inspector) in the
      United States Marshals Service. He has an extensive background in
      investigating and
      apprehending violent felony fugitives along with SWAT Police and
      Counterintelligence training. He was a staff member of SOG (Special
      Operations Group)
      and the first agency sponsored defensive tactics instructor to the
      "Shadow Stalkers". (See
      US Elite Counter-Terrorist Forces book by S. F. Tomajczk). The first
      part of his federal
      career involved tracking down and arresting armed and dangerous federal
      fugitives and
      then as a manager, (Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal) he supervised a mix
      of local, State
      and Federal agents in joint task forces bent on bringing in the most
      violent of felony
      offenders. He's been called a professional government "man hunter".
      For several years before he retired he served in the Federal Witness
      Protection Program
      responsible for the personal security of a number of high threat
      organized crime principals
      of the standard mixed variety, which included traditional Italian Mafia,
      (La Cosa Nostra) and
      also biker gangs, Asian street gangs, black gangs, white supremist,
      Mexican prison gangs
      and large narcotics distribution organizations. Before he retired from
      this sometimes
      undercover and always semi-covert program, however, the trend was
      changing to
      international terrorism, Russian thugs, political asylum refugees and
      even periodic special
      assignments overseas for missions involving American National interest.
      These mostly
      classified details were in support of State Department initiatives and
      Presidential policy
      After graduating from the Coastal Institute of Forensic Science and
      becoming a Licensed
      Polygraph Examiner Mr. Park formed Dallas Polygraph Services (DPS), A
      professional loss
      prevention, polygraph investigation and security consulting firm. DPS
      conducts polygraph
      examinations, internal investigations, and other special operations and
      consulting to valued
      clients. The firm, based in Dallas, Texas is also associated with
      RESQSTAR GPS Systems
      for personal carry GPS duress alerts.

      Organized Crime - Extortion & Blackmail
      This short course is designed to give insight to blackmail and extortion
      involved cases. Why
      these types of cases hardly ever enter a courtroom. The course will
      show how Organized
      Crime has participated in elaborate extortion scams and still does. A
      special insight into
      the criminal thinking errors used by people involved

      Instructor Michael S. Dikovitsky, President and Chief Investigator
      founded HD BOAR
      INC., He gained his professional experience over the past 25 years
      working in the criminal
      justice system. His employers include the Dallas Police Department,
      Dallas County
      Community Supervision and Corrections Department, Texas Department of
      Justice, and United States Army Military Police, Criminal Investigation,
      and Military Counter
      Intelligence Section. He is also licensed as a Chemical Dependency
      Counselor, and a
      Texas Certified Criminal Justice Professional. His degree is in
      Criminal Justice and he
      earned an Advanced Police Officer Certification with TCLEOSE. He has
      Advanced Investigation Schools with the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
      Texas Department
      of Public Safety, and Dallas Police Department. He is currently a
      licensed Private
      investigator, Instructor and Personal Protection Officer.

      Skills of the Executive Protection Specialist
      Obtain insights as to what is and what is not important to your
      Potential employer. More
      important, the participants will obtain a working knowledge of the
      skills appropriate to
      specific Details worldwide. Discover the hidden skills that you possess
      and how to apply

      Instructor Joe Berger Jr. has over 40 years experience in Executive
      Intelligence, and Military Special Operations. Has worked as a free
      lance mercenary;
      Served two years in Vietnam and worked two Coups' in South America; he
      is continues to
      train in the martial arts as a 2nd Degree Black belt; he has obtained a
      BA in Business
      Administration; and currently serves as CEO and Chief Instructor, of
      Centennial Security,
      owner of Jacob's Plain Gun Club (www.jacobsplain.com
      <http://www.jacobsplain.com/> ) in Greenville, Texas. You may
      also purchase an autographed copy of "The Magicians: Mission Berlin" a
      Novel by Joseph
      C. Berger at the seminar.

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