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  • Jurydoctor@aol.com
    Users have right to expect rides are reasonably safe or warned otherwise. That warning is responsibility of the above parties. Unlikely parties (designer,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2006
      Users have right to expect rides are reasonably safe or warned otherwise.
      That warning is responsibility of the above parties. Unlikely parties (designer,
      manufacturer, owner, concession operator: Miami-Dade County Fair and
      Exposition Inc., would post or otherwise provide such a warning, hence they
      responsible for using safe equipment. I am assuming there was no unusual behavior on the
      part of the users (riders).

      I think that the age of the ride should be posted on the ride, as far as
      warnings go, I think that any recall info and info about the rides should also be
      posted. I think the manufacturer should send info to the owner. Just like the
      gov sends workmen's comp info to employers.

      The owner is ultimately responsible, but there are other culpable parties.
      The details determine how the culpability percentages are determined.

      Owner responsibilities: purchasing acceptable quality equipment; training
      personnel or contracting with trained personnel; appropriately inspecting
      equipment; implementing a preventive maintenance program, appropriately maintaining
      equipment; reporting problems to manufacturer; eliciting information from
      manufacturer regarding potential problems.

      Agree 100%

      Manufacturer: design of equipment; design and provision of inspection
      procedures; design and provision of maintenance procedures; training of purchaser;
      design of technical means to warn owner of impending problems; design of
      warnings directed to owner regarding inspection and maintenance; tracking of
      equipment performance in use and notifying owners of potential problems; recall
      procedures, if appropriate.

      I wonder if these rides are considered inherently dangerous. also how can a
      manufacturer be responsible for a 19 year old ride?

      Concession operators: responsible for contracting with parties having
      appropriately designed, inspected, and maintained equipment: contractual requirement;

      Private inspectors: Yes, but depends on State, County and/or City
      requirements regarding amusement ride inspector qualifications and depends on the
      contractual agreement between contracting parties and inspectors;

      State (Department of Agriculture's fair ride inspection division), County,
      City Inspectors: their responsibility depends on laws exempting them from
      responsibility; the nature of their charge, for example, are they responsible for
      inspecting inspection paperwork or for actually inspecting the equipment?; if
      they are responsible for inspecting the equipment, to what extent are they to
      inspect the equipment?' is the subject failure one that could have been noted
      visually or was special equipment and/or knowledge required? were the inspectors
      expected to have such equipment and/or knowledge.


      The owner for not making sure the ride was safe and the inspector for not
      making sure it was safe.
      They are fortunate the women weren't killed.

      Totally the inspector's fault. that is their job. If the owner screws up the
      inspector is supposed to point it out.
      If the inspectors found the ride unsafe they should have shut it
      down until it reached required standards (you didn't say they had
      found it unsafe) but they can't force an owner to repair... just
      tell them to shut it down. I'd say the owners if the inspectors
      had given an unsafe report... both if they had not.

      you have left me with a heck of a lot more questions than any thought
      of giving an ignorant opinion.

      Whether or not one can blame the inspectors has a lot to do with what
      exactly went wrong. There are many things they are not obligated to
      inspect. Its
      age is irrelevant but the maintenance is very important. You stated that it
      is "supposedly" not properly maintained. Have their been citations for
      negligence? If not, on what do you base that statement? Was it a Gravitron
      with seats or the one where you just stand?
      Gravitron with seats..

      Not sure.. but if not properly maintained, wouldn't the inspector be at
      fault. If it is not something visible to the inspector, then these rides are too
      dangerous for anyone to go on, IMHO.

      I am very familiar with the Gravitron as it was always one of my favorite
      rides The parts are minimal compared to most amusement rides so upkeep and
      maintenance should be relatively simple. You have the floor, the panels,
      handrails/straps and in some newer models, a seat. You have metal brackets and
      of nuts and bolts. What exactly went wrong? Inspectors, for instance, are
      responsible for the obvious such as the floor, the brackets and the panels
      but not for the nuts and bolts.

      However, since you have stated that the attorney represents two young women
      who were "thrown" my mind can envision only one thing; a panel blew. If so,
      did it crack and blow? Did the under-bracket give way? Did someone forget
      to put the nuts and bolts back in following maintenance?

      You cannot expect to get intelligent opinions without providing more
      details. Just my dumb opinion.
      Will ask.. alll I know is:
      1. girl was thrown about 30 feet and in a coma for several weeks
      2. 1 girl ejected as a result of a sheared bolt failed to hole one of the
      panels in place
      3. the Food and Ag. Dept of the State found poor maintenance as a result of a
      cracked ride seat frame

      The owner HAS to make sure his ride is perfectly safe- Yes I know things
      happen. But IMO it still makes them liable and the inspector has to make sure he
      has inspected and cleared the ride. They should just pay whatever it is they
      get(and the civil suits from the victims) and be darn thankful no one died..

      Maybe these rides should be "retired" after a certain amount of time. It
      seems as though the ride itself goes through lots of stress.

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