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FROM Piracy Specialists (Music, Film, & Broadcast): Assignment 9-26-06

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  • Law Offices of Attorney Services
    September 12, 2006 TO: InfoGuys Group (This may be a cross-posting) SUBJECT: INVESTIGATIVE ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 9-16-2006 (Nationwide) TYPE: Federal
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      September 12, 2006

      InfoGuys Group
      (This may be a cross-posting)


      ASSIGNMENT DATE: 9-16-2006 (Nationwide)

      TYPE: Federal Civil Investigation for Broadcast
      Signal Theft

      Law Offices of Attorney Services
      Piracy Specialists in Music, Film, & Broadcast



      Option 1:
      $30 to $75 per hour (DOE/DOR)

      Option 2:
      Up to $520 per bounty affidavit (DOE/DOR)



      On Saturday, September 26, 2006 - a live
      pay-per-view international boxing broadcast
      signal will only be permitted to licensed

      Our firm is seeking to employ Private
      Investigators, active/retired Law Enforcement
      Officials, and other interested operatives to
      visit and audit commercial establishments in
      your area for federal signal theft during the
      upcoming Pay-per-view broadcast.



      a) Guaranteed payment within 14 to 45 days
      after receipt of your validated documents.

      b) No restriction on your assigned territory.

      c) A User Name and Passcode to our private
      training site which contains over 90
      interactive active training chapter topics
      for orientation or advanced training.

      d) Interactive web discussion with over a
      thousand other federal civil anti-piracy

      e) A free independent Certification Program
      as a Broadcast Signal Theft Investigator -
      which can be a prelude a salary and/or higher
      bounty earnings.

      e) Instant Forum downloads of all legal
      documents, instant viewing of all state legal
      lists of licensed clients for this broadcast.

      f) Other salaried piracy assignments for DVDs,
      Music, and copyrighted material.

      g) Additional service of legal documents.


      In view of the well-known boxers involved for
      this event - this should have enormous appeal
      across the USA, and the incidence of commercial
      signal theft is highly anticipated.


      TO APPLY:

      If you are NOT already contracted or employed
      with another firm or agency conducting signal
      theft cases, we invite you to enter into an
      exclusive agreement with our firm by signing
      up before the deadline.

      Please contact our office immediately at:

      William Marshall
      Attorney Services
      National Office - Western States
      (406) 837-4432

      Office Hours:
      Monday through Friday
      9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mountain Time



      This announcement is subject to all local
      statutes and regulations.

      All assigned attorneys are state licensed. All
      assigned attorneys and legal associates are
      members of the American Bar Association.
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