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Re: Looking for help for a person abducted by an intelligence agency.

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  • Leif
    First and foremost what could someone possibly have done (or been capable of) to warrant that much attention from The Government ? Should such a person exist
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 30, 2006
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      First and foremost what could someone possibly have done (or been
      capable of) to warrant that much attention from The "Government"?
      Should such a person exist I want to meet him/her. It boggles the
      mind to think that not even drug dealers selling millions of dollars
      of illegal product and politicians selling millions of dollars of
      bull***, can get that many government resources pointed towards

      Here is a website that may be able to help.

      Best of luck
      Leif "Krang"

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      <samadams_75@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am asking for your help in finding aid for a friend in a
      > situation. He is a "legal resident" in the US.
      > Background how it all started:
      > He had his residence monitored with cameras by private
      > who were added by private detectives and connections of theirs in
      > government agencies. That was done 3 times in 3 different
      > as he moved from place to place. The private individuals stole
      > intellectual property of his (ideas) and after that attempted to
      > him up with drugs in his home. Their intentions were to destroy
      > creditability and get rid of him. He had complained to police on
      > numerous times from them, but no action was taken. Once they tried
      > to set him up, he contacted the FBI though they did nothing too.
      > These individuals are well connected (politically and otherwise)
      > have a lot of money to send.
      > He could hear them as they were using the apartment below his, he
      > learned among other things details about 9/11 and the War on
      > that have never been made public and other info that left me
      > breathless. While preparing "evidence" for the frame up, they
      > collected DNA from members of his family and discovered he was not
      > biologically related to anyone in "his" family and that his DNA
      > in a database for missing people. We did some research and found
      > there have been about 30 kidnapping of kids in Western Europe
      > 25 years ago. 5 or 6 of them were never returned. The abductions
      > were done by two intelligence agencies. He is one of the missing.
      > From what I have seen US might have a hand in it too, which might
      > explain the activities of the State Department below.
      > Not getting any help in the US, he wrote to European Commission,
      > and foreign parliament representatives hoping to commence an
      > international probe. His biological family does not desire to have
      > anything to do with him as they do have a lot to do with his
      > disappearance. His emails have been disappearing and he has been
      > manipulated by some pretending to want to aid him. We have been
      > informed The State Department has been negotiating there to be no
      > investigation with some of those he had addressed for help.
      > They have no authority over him. The name under which he got his
      > residence is not his, so he is not a US resident, which leaves him
      > helpless to file a lawsuit for what has been done to him too. If
      > State Department has negotiated there to be no international probe
      > and in deed has committed abstraction of justice.
      > Who can help him? What institutions, groups, organizations and
      > officials he should contact? What lawyer can take a case like
      > Can you give name? What is the path out of this nightmare.
      > The matter is more complex then this, but this much in brief. I
      > provide more info to whoever wants to help.
      > Thanks for the help in advance.
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