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9921too late opinions

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  • Jurydoctor@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2006
      Did her DiL do it intentionally? What's the rest of her/their story?
      How did the accident come about?


      I am not sure who is suing who for what/why

      sons are suing nursing home for bad care resulting in (earlier) death
      daughter in law?
      other drvier that hit daughter in law?

      who should be sued, if anyone?


      100% for defense.
      The car accident might have contributed to shorten her life by a few months,
      but her condition pre-accident was problematic. Her respiratory disease,
      caused by constant smoking, prevented complete recovery from the accident
      anyway. Plus, she seems a manipulative individual towards her daughter-in-law. I'm
      for the defense 100

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