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9919Re: [infoguys-list] too old to matter or your time is up?

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  • Patty Beeken
    Jul 31, 2006
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      I don't usually get in on these but since i have been a nurse in long term care for fifteen years, I will point out you have some pretty big inconsistencies in this whole thing.

      " Before the collision, she had a shred of independence, but was unable to
      walk or care for herself without assistance. She was in pain daily, but not
      constantly. She did live alone and a home health nurse came bi weekly."

      In my experience, and I do help set up things when people go home from a stay at our facility, The above is pretty much an impossibility.... if she could not care for herself at all without assistance how did she manage with help only once every two weeks?

      The picture I have in my mind with someone who was able to stay alone with only someone to look in every two weeks is a much more stable person than you probably think she was.

      The questions I would want to ask are:
      Could she get in and out of her wheelchair without assistance?
      Could she get in and out of bed by herself?
      Was she able to get around her home without help?
      Did she toilet and take care of her own personal hygiene?
      Did she feed herself?
      How did she get food if no one came to help her? Did she cook for herself?
      Was she able to bathe herself?
      How did she manage her medications?
      How did she manage her oxygen?
      Did she dress herself?

      I know these things might mean little to us on a day to day basis, but if she was able to do the things above independently, she had the ability to be able to stay in her own home, she had SOME quality of life before the accident. For many of our Oldsters being able to stay in their own home is a HUGE thing.

      Patty Beeken
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