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99[infoguys-list] Re: I need some help

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  • Rick A. Burrows
    Nov 16, 1998
      Rick A. Burrows wrote:
      > Hello All
      > My name is Rick Burrows. I am an investigator in the St Louis, Missouri
      > area and I need some help. I don't have much of a budget so here it is.
      > I was contacted by someone to find their mother who they have not seen
      > since 1945 in St. Louis. Her name was Helen Florence Spicer Murray in
      > 1945. She underwent a major religious conversion and became very
      > trusting in the Lord. She divorced in St Louis in 1945. She then
      > remarries a man by the name of Al Herzog in St. Louis in May 1947. She
      > then has a baby girl by the name of Allene Murray Herzog on 9/14/1947 in
      > the St Louis area. At the time of the marriage to Al Herzog she is now
      > going by Mary Helen Herzog. In 1952 she goes from Granite City Illinois
      > to Minneapolis, Mn to the North Central Bible Institute. She was there
      > until August of 1953. During this time, Al Herzog has the marriage
      > annulled stating that it is a marriage in name only.
      > I am ble to track Mary Herzog and Allene to Showlow, Arizona in the
      > Fall of 1953. She is living in an 8 room house that she is trying to get
      > made into a church. She applied to the Assemblies Of God Arizona Council
      > for certification as a minister or lay person. The last known contact
      > with them or the people that knew her in the St Louis area is Feburary
      > 1954 and she is writing from Fairfield Texas.
      > If Mary Helen Florence Spicer Murray Herzog is still alive, I have
      > found NO trace of her or the child Allene.
      > Mary Herzog has given several conflicting dates of birth with one
      > exception. Her birthday according to her birth certificate is 21 May
      > 1910 and she was born in Lancaster County Nebraska. She has listed also
      > ,1911, 1913, and 1914 as to years of her birth.
      > Her parents names were Ora Spicer and Florence McLin, both being form
      > Knox City, Missouri.
      > I have been unable to locate ANY reference to her parents, or to
      > Allene ecept her school record from First Grade in ShowLow Arizona.
      > If anyone can help me locate these two individuals I would be
      > thankful.
      > Rick A. Burrows
      > P.O.Box 19712
      > St. Louis, Missouri 63144
      > 314-521-7452
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      SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found her and Allene.
      Mary died in March 1997 in New Mexico. She had married again and her
      last name was Funk. Allene was listed as her daughter at the place where
      Mary was cremated. I spoke w/ Allene today and told her of the family
      members that she has back in Missouri. She was VERY excited and looking
      forward to hearing from her new found 1/2 brother and sister.
      I ended up finding Mary's mother first and she died in a nursing home
      in El Paso Texas in January 1968 and her last name had become

      I thank all that took an interest in this matter and tried to help me
      solve this 53 year old mystery.

      Rick Burrows
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