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  • Randy Forschner
    Jun 11, 2006
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      Please Forgive The Cross posting.

      I am happy to announce that due to advances in programming, we have
      moved JudgmentsDirect.com to a new user friendly format. There are
      some minor fixes needed which will be corrected shortly, the site is
      up and ready to go.

      Why have we changed the format?

      1. The new format is easy to use. You can post assignments and
      bid for the for FREE.
      2. It will enable its users to maintain an organized and
      detailed record of work received and Assignment which are available
      throughout the industry.
      3. Get out press releases for FREE and keep up on industry
      4. If you or your firm targets the legal industry as a market
      for your products, software, professional equipment ….
      Judgmentsdirect.com allows you to advertise your products and
      services for FREE in our auction section.
      5. Locate quality professionals to handle assignments, read
      their bio's, get feedback on their performance through our ratings
      JudgmentsDirect.com is a Pro-Active venue. Set your account to
      notify you when specific postings are listed. Then return to the
      site to place your bid on the project. Maintaining a visible
      presence on the site will enable you to bid for projects quickly.
      Remember, the early bird gets the worm.
      7. Interact with the potential client or vendor privately.
      8. If payment for your efforts is a worry, we have solved this
      problem too! JudgmentsDirect.com enables you to request the
      solicitor to place funds into an escrow account. See our FAQ for
      more information.
      9. A quality site for all areas of the Recovery profession.
      10. For those of you who are considered leaders in the industry,
      Forum moderators, Association Heads and so on, you can still
      maintain your Leadership position within your industry group.
      Unlike Yahoo, JudgmentsDirect.com is here to serve you.

      We are certain that the site will meet and exceed your
      expectations. Even if you are uncertain whether you want to use the
      site or not, open a Free Account. You never know what can happen.


      Randy S. Forschner
      President of Judgment Day Information Services, Inc.
      Site Administrator: www.JudgmentsDirect.com