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964[infoguys-list] Re: Help on a Locate???

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  • Claude E. Lavaron III
    Nov 4, 1999
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      If you can let me know what area of Florida you last corresponded with
      them, I might be able able to assist.

      Claude E. Lavaron III, CLI, FCI
      P O Box 22124
      St. Petersburg, Fl 33742
      Member: NALI, WAD, CALI, NCISS, NAPPS,
      PIAF, SFIA

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      Date: November 04, 1999 11:18 AM
      Subject: [infoguys-list] Re: Help on a Locate???

      >laura wallace <wadin-@...> wrote:
      >original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/infoguys-list/?start=936
      >> I am looking for a number for Michelle and Mike White, Infinity or
      >> Inteli-point Services, in Florida. I have sent them some out of area
      >> serves a month ago and am not getting any response from them and
      >> locate their number. If anyone has information on how to reach them,
      >> you please e-mail me back. This is vitally important. I have a very
      >> upset Client that counted on getting these Summons' Served and I need
      >> information on their Status.
      >> By the way, this is the 3rd time that I sub-contracted other Agencies
      >> from this list to do work for me in other area's and have been slapped
      >> with a bad job and upset Clients. Do yourself a favor and check them
      >> thoroughly before you get railroaded into a bad reputation from
      >> elses poor job. I am apaulled about the lack of Professionalism out
      >> there...I can't believe these people can stay in business. I would
      >> treat my Clients or Any other Agency that hired me that way. A
      >> professional, Curtious and Timely Job is all we perform......What is
      >> Going On????
      >> Laura Wallace
      >> Without a Doubt Investigations, Inc.
      >> P.S. Michelle and Mike White, If you read this e-mail, I am sorry
      >that I
      >> had to go public on the list, I have tried numerous times to reach you
      >> and have sent a dozen e-mails, paid you in advance and given you every
      >> opportunity to acknowledge my request for status on these serves. So,
      >> you do read this, Please phone me today!!!
      >> Without a Doubt Investigations, Inc.
      >> 941-366-8674
      >i did a liitle research for you. please feel free to contact me
      >Here is a little info on Infinity in Florida....was it an investigative
      >company....well anyway .........INFINITY INVESTIGATIONS
      >1025 S. SEMORAN BLVD. STE. 1093
      >WINTER PARK, FL 32792-
      >Document Number
      >G96206900029 Status
      >ACTIVE Date Filed
      >Expiration Date
      >12/31/2001 Current Owners
      >000000001 County
      >Total Pages
      >000000001 Events Filed
      >000000000 FEI Number
      >No Filing History
      >Owner Information
      >Name & Address FEI Number Charter Number
      >4515 FLATWOOD LN.
      >ORLANDO, FL 32829 NONE NONE
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