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948[infoguys-list] Unsubscribing Instructions for infoguys-list

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  • Webmaster
    Nov 4, 1999
      Please follow these instructions for unsubscribing from the list.

      FYI - We do not, nor never have, added or removed list members. It's all

      Bill Shelton

      ***** KEEP THIS!
      ***** Unsubscribing Instructions for infoguys-list ********

      There are two ways to unsubscribe from infoguys-list : via e-mail or using
      the Web site. There are also ways to remain a member but reduce or eliminate
      the group e-mail.

      To unsubscribe via e-mail, send an empty e-mail to
      . Be sure your e-mail program is adjusted to send mail from the address you
      want unsubscribed. If you are not sure what address you are subscribed as,
      you will find the address used to reach you in the "Return-Path" header of
      the message you received.

      To unsubscribe via the Web:

      go to www.eGroups.com
      click on "my space".
      click on the name of the group (infoguys-list).
      click on the "modify subscription" button.
      click on the "unsubscribe" button.

      Alternatively you may wish to remain a member of the eGroup, but cut down on
      the volume of e-mail that you may be receiving. In the "Delivery Mode"
      drop-down box, you can select "Receive daily summaries" or "Receive daily
      full-text digest" to receive periodic digests via e-mail. Select "Read it on
      the Web only" to remain subscribed to the group and view messages on the
      group's home page but not receive e-mail from the group.
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