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  • Bryan McManis
    Dec 5, 2005

      I must disagree with your post this one time. I am not going to
      address all the other issues that are being looked at.

      Even if this person is telling the truth and we will assume (Ass U
      Me) the Website she has is offensive and her writing skills are
      horrible. Report writing is the heart and lifeblood in the PI world.
      You could be James Bond but if you have horrible writing skills, you
      will be out of work in no time flat.

      In this case, it is the principle of the matter. Street Gutter
      Marketing and 6th grade writing skills are going to give everyone a
      black eye. The other areas are far more important from a legal point
      of view; however, these other skills DO matter.

      In closing, my nine-year-old Daughter can write better then this
      person does. That is enough in my book to attack this person. When a
      9 year old can run circles around a PI, it is time to face reality
      and throw in the towel. I only thank God Almighty that this person is
      not a Process Server.

      "I own the business, i do not do any pi work, i have a managing pi
      that does all
      the investigations, i run the office, and yes i will be getting my pi
      lic in
      2006, i have followed all rules/laws that ny state has required us
      to, all our
      paperwork is in order.
      Anyone can complain, and our paperwork will reflect that everything
      is in
      order, my website is very clear that all contact info is there for
      anyone to

      "Sue, i am personally finaling a report on you because i have been
      by the state to change my name, and you have now put the safety of
      both my son
      and in danger, by publicly displaying my name, are you working on a
      case that
      involves me, have i asked you for work/clients, how do i know that
      the person
      that killed my husband in the line of duty, has not hired you to find
      me and my
      son, and you have the nerve to display my business address, phone
      number , and
      my married name, putting the safety of me and my son in danger. i am
      both the NYC police dept, the Internal affairs dept, and Dept of
      state, to
      inquire into you, to find out if you were hired by the man that
      killed my
      husband to find us, and what right did you have to put my name and
      address in
      public like you have.

      My attorney has his pi lic, and does my mgr pi, trust me all of our
      is in order, as it has been when someone else from this board
      reported us. Now
      i am sending people to look into your business, and the nyc of ny
      will want to
      know why you are putting a cops widow's information out in public
      without good

      Thanks for the law information, good nite"

      Thank you

      Magnus Process Serving
      Bryan McManis, BSBA, CPS
      Certified and Bonded Process Server # 04-3-7
      Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Marion County Florida

      Office 352-624-1884
      Fax 775-206-9612
      Office 775-278-8074

      Member of: N.A.P.P.S. Member of: N.A.I.S. Member of:

      Graduate of Florida Institute of Criminal Justice

      Graduate of Detective Training Institute

      StandBy Member of MissingKin


      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, "Lori Wilkins" <seirs@b...>
      > I agree. Not sure which is more irriating Dyanna's post or the
      posturing to see who can expose her first. I would elaborate but I
      have work to do.
      > Sincerely,
      > Lori L. Wilkins, LPI
      > Southeastern Research & Investigations, LLC
      > 3820 East Britt David Rd
      > Columbus, GA 31909
      > 706-653-5397
      > seripi@b...
      > www.seripi.com
      > "specializing in obtaining accurate information in a timely manner"
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Rus B. Robison
      > To: infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 11:48 AM
      > Subject: [infoguys-list] E N O U G H !
      > This is the only investigators list in existence that allows this
      > foolishness. There seems to be a real propensity to find someone
      to pick on
      > and run it in to the ground.
      > It appears many of the people on this list do not have enough
      business to
      > occupy their time. If you will spend this wasted time on
      marketing, I'm
      > betting you will have a much better 2006 with more money in your
      pocket and
      > less time on your hands to worry about what someone else is doing.
      > With best regards, I remain...
      > Very truly yours,
      > Rus B. Robison
      > Private Investigators
      > Post Office Box 720560
      > Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73172-0560
      > (405) 603-2932 Voice
      > (877) 721-2295 Toll-Free
      > rbr@r...
      > Oklahoma's FIRST State Licensed Private Investigation Agency.
      > Serving all of Oklahoma and the great Southwest since 1972.
      > --
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