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8729Re: [infoguys-list] Help me understand something

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  • Patty Beeken
    Oct 4, 2005
      I think that we all forgot the rule. "Don't feed the troll!" I know I did
      and have decided since it keeps taking back what it has said in previous
      emails there is no sense in attempting argue with it. Besides It appears to
      love all of the attention it is recieving.

      Patty Beeken
      4thekids Missing Kid Services
      Free services for families with missing children.
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      Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 1:43 PM
      Subject: RE: [infoguys-list] Help me understand something

      Hi Folks,

      I have a sincere question to ask here and I'm not intentionally trying to
      incite a major disagreement. I just would like to have you help me
      understand something.

      I hardly know of Ms. Snelling, but what I do know is that whenever she
      appears within the cyber investigative community; there is always some type
      of argumentative banter that begins, and then escalates and then she
      responds with some bizarre hypersensitive retort. Her communications are
      terse and her threats are followed through with unilateral internet blog
      retribution; she seemingly creates much chaos and uncertainty surrounding
      her input, her opinions, her credentials, her integrity and her philosophies
      causing disruption across the investigative community. Why is this?
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