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8639Re: NSA Patent 6,947,978.

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  • Ricky Gurley
    Sep 29, 2005
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      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, "Betteye" <the_boldens@s...>
      > If we learn where some of this junk mail is coming from can we re-
      route it
      > back to the sender?
      > thanks

      I suppose you can, "Betteye".. It would all depend on the filters you
      have on your email client, how extendable they are, how powerful they
      are, and if you know how to use them correctly.

      I can do some pretty "nasty" things to a SPAMMER from my Linux Box. I
      use Kontact, which uses the KMail email client. I use my Linux Box to
      open "suspicious email" because it is not as vulnerable to viruses and
      malware as Windows is. I also use Klam Antivirus on my Linux Box,
      because there are a few viruses that can affect Linux. But in order to
      do any real damamge to the Linux Operating System itself the program
      has to gain root privileges. A Windows machine is just "open". The
      main worry on a Linux System is having some type of a "root kit"
      installed on the Operating System, but I also have my Linux Box set to
      run a "root kit check" daily, it just logs in as root and runs the
      command: chkrootkit.

      I have also noticed on my two (2) Windows Machines that Outlook also
      has some pretty nifty options in it's filtering rules. If you know how
      to set up your rules properly on your Outlook filters, you can
      probably do what you are asking about. There are some people on this
      group that can probably extend Windows almost as far as one can extend
      Linux. They are very talented when it comes to working in a Windows
      environment, and if you were to find the right person, they could show
      you how to do some pretty interesting things with the filter rules in
      Outlook and/or Outlook Express.

      The problem is that most SPAM is automated, and oftentimes SPAMMERS
      use "zombies" to send their SPAM from. Oftentimes the "zombie" is
      nothing more than a server with an Open Mail Relay. So, you would not
      necessarily be rerouting the SPAM back to the party that would be
      guilty of SPAMMING you. You could very well be sending it back to an
      innocent party who is only guilty of not knowing how to properly
      configure their server.

      I use a program named POPFile (http://popfile.sourceforge.net/) that
      uses bayesian filtering (which amounts to intelligent filtering) in
      conjunction with the filters that KMail has on it, and I am ALMOST
      SPAMFree. I do have a filter set up to send a message back to the
      source that the SPAM came from, but the idea is not to be "proactively
      combative", but instead to possibly inform any company or person that
      has an Open Mail Relay that it is being used to SPAM people that their
      system is being used to SPAM people from. In the hopes that the return
      message will be read by someone that is running the server that has an
      Open Mail Relay on it, and can fix the problem.

      Hope this helps, some.

      Take care.


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