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  • yahoo@noseypi.com
    Sep 14, 2005
      Sorry if my post was confusing.

      The statements like the ones you made about NCISS are the types of things I
      am looking for.

      I, personally, will not be ranking any particular group over another. I
      will merely be reflecting the opinions of the people that respond. I would
      like to think of it as a critic going to the movie and writing a review, or
      perhaps a meteorologist giving a weather report based on the information
      that is available to him. I will just send out a link from my site that
      will reflect what I discovered. For those this might help they are welcome
      to read and come to their own conclusion, for those that know everything
      they are welcome to not read, for those that want to sue
      me..................... well I like to tell people I am the easiest person
      in the world to get in touch with.

      On my website you will find my current contact information including my
      background, my home address, my phone numbers, the schools I attended,
      stories that I have written, my hobbies and my strong belief in God and his
      curing the leukemia that invaded my body some years back.

      my websites are

      www.noseypi.com (up and running)
      www.hardingacademy.com (up and running)
      www.doctorofhypnosis.com (up and running)
      www.johnivey.com (re-directed to noseypi.com
      www.securitycentralstorage.com (re-directed to noseypi.com temporarily)

      I believe I still have www.hornlakehighschool.com which I sold to the Horn
      Lake High School, but the transfer was not complete the last time I checked.

      I used to have www.germantownhighschool.com but I think I let that one

      My life is an open book and I do not have very many unrevealed fantasies or
      agendas. (There is something that involves Jennifer Anderson and whip
      cream, but outside of that I am pretty dull)

      Thanks again for the input and for your concerns.

      NOSEY P. I.
      P.O. Box 871
      Southaven, MS. 38671

      website: www.noseypi.com
      phone: 901.870.0711
      email: ivey@...
      toll free: 1.888.NOSEY- PI
      toll free fax: 1.866.280.6489

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      Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 5:15 PM
      Subject: [infoguys-list] I would like your help

      > John -
      > Since you've been a member of this group for quite a few years I want to
      > make certain you understand that I wasn't really criticizing your idea. I
      > didn't understand your idea. Your post just left me with more questions
      > than
      > answers. I was asking questions.
      > I visit your site occasionally for some of the links that you list and you
      > didn't state, at least I don't think you did, what the purpose of the
      > interest
      > was. You did mention creating a webpage. I could not tell if you
      > planned
      > on adding "links" to your already interesting website or creating a new
      > one.
      > Again, I did not get any true indication of your intent. However, your
      > mention of "us" really confused me. Was this going to be a joint
      > venture? If so,
      > for what purpose? In other words, as far as I was concerned, you left me
      > hanging in that I could not intelligently reply to an inquiry that was,
      > in my
      > opinion, ambiguous.
      > Couple that with the fact that you are asking for opinions from this
      > group
      > and I truly believe you are treading on thin ice. You might well receive
      > over
      > 1,000 replies since the membership far exceeds that and no two will
      > probably
      > agree or be similar. Wanting to give rankings, I believe, is truly
      > asking
      > for trouble. I can fully understand listing things such as benefits
      > offered.
      > Many of the organizations/associations I previously provided are state
      > agencies which usually require that you be licensed in the respective
      > state. So,
      > with that said, such associations would not be beneficial to US although
      > the
      > listings would be good for those in the various states to realize they
      > exist
      > should that not already be aware. On the list I previously provided
      > though,
      > I forgot to include one good group, _http://www.defenseinvestigator.com/_
      > (http://www.defenseinvestigator.com/) which do provide certifications
      > and I
      > believe is headed up by Brandon Perron.
      > However, I am going to offer another opinion. Although associations are
      > fine and dandy and local ones are great for elbow rubbing, etc., if you
      > pay dues
      > and attend the meetings, there is ONE association that I hope you will
      > head
      > whatever list up it is that you are creating. That would be NCISS. They
      > are
      > the ones that are keeping us all alive. They are the ones that fight
      > Congress whenever Congress wants to shut us down or preclude us from
      > having access
      > to records that many find important in their businesses. They are the
      > ones
      > that spend the big bucks on the D.C. lobbyist, Larry Sabbath, who speaks
      > on
      > behalf of each and everyone of us each time he addresses the legislators.
      > Sincerely yours,
      > Sue
      > ____________________________________________________
      > Sue Sarkis
      > Sarkis Detective Agency
      > (est. 1976)
      > PI 6564
      > 1346 Ethel Street
      > Glendale, CA 91207-1826
      > 818-242-2505
      > 818-246-3001 FAX
      > If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English,
      > thank a military veteran.
      > God Bless America and her allies forever !!
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