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8572Re: [infoguys-list] I would like your help

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  • yahoo@noseypi.com
    Sep 13, 2005
      Bill I agree completely.

      I do intend to have a page were the results can be viewed. I just thought
      by asking private responses I might try to get a more fair appraisal of the
      association or group. Sometimes when people know there name will not be
      used they will open up more. Plus I did not want this to have a lot of
      personal attacks from people with an axe to grind about some of the

      What I am looking for is honest input that will be 'interpreted" or 'scored'
      in some kind of fair way so that one could see the benefits from joining a
      certain group. Or even joining the groups in a different order as ones
      money and needs changed.

      I do need suggestions on the process of rating. That is why I wanted to
      give scores in different areas.

      By the very nature of organizations, some might be very helpful in
      establishing credentials, while another group might be more helpful in
      getting work or assignments. I personally see the need for both.
      Credentials without WORK can be more or less just as destructive as having
      WORK without Credentials. (I guess that statement would be assessed by ones
      vantage point including but not limited to the amount of damage and the
      amount of work)

      Another category would be the reputation of the group or association that is
      giving the Credentials. I think most would agree that a degree from Harvard
      or Yale would be more desirable (if affordable) than one from Northwest
      Community Corner College located at Your street USA. However, not everyone
      can go to Harvard. That does not eliminate the ones that can not go from
      being a well versed and very good attorney.

      By way of the internet I can become an Ordained Minister or a PHD in just a
      matter of days.(or shorter) This is but one example of what I am trying to
      help avoid from happening in our industry.

      I just thought that if we all pitched in that we could come up with a page
      were we could go and see what we think might be best for any of us at any
      one time.

      Personally I could use more WORK and more 'EDUCATION' (Credentials)

      I can honestly say that from my initial posting I have already received
      enough information I wanted personally to make that posting worth my time.
      I only had "one or two" comments that could even slightly be construed as

      I would like to have many more comments. (hopefully the positive ones)

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      Southaven, MS. 38671

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      > In a message dated 9/13/2005 3:25:52 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > emmylousings@... writes:
      > And your email had barely shown up in the INBOX, when you were "blasted"
      > publicly, recieving nothing but insults in response to your email.
      > I share your concerns about this.
      > While I fully believe that some people deserve a good blasting,
      > especially
      > those who preach and pontificate about things they know nothing about, I
      > see
      > no justification for lambasting anyone asking a perfectly legitimate
      > question.
      > My only suggestion would have been to encourage public replies as opposed
      > to
      > private as there are probably a lot of people who have no idea that some
      > "certifications" are worth a great deal, while others are completely
      > worthless.
      > I think the helpful thing would be to provide a list of the organizations
      > we
      > know something about, with comments and let the person who expressed the
      > interest compile them.
      > Just my .02
      > Bill
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