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7956Hello, Being Friday again Something Funny From Bill

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  • oracleintl@aol.com
    May 6, 2005
      I drive an SUV - a nice new lifted 4wd Suburban with oversize tires

      I got four kids and I have custody of them and the dog -- I love drive
      thru's as I ain't packing up this whole shebang and going inside if I can help it.

      People do get testy though -- you ever try to get four kids and a latin
      woman to make up their minds on anything?

      Sometimes the Latin woman is useful -- seems like no drive thru attendant
      speaks english as their natural language.

      And then there is the damn cell phone - every lawyer I know seems to have
      their damn emergencies every time I hit the drive thru.

      Once all is said and done, do you know what the chances are that drive thru
      help can actually get the order right? "Don't drive back thru?" Bullshit, I
      ain't listening to four kids and a latin woman bitch, I sit right there
      while she verifies everything is in the bag.

      You'd check to if they charged you what they charge me - it fookin sucks to
      spend $50 at a drive thru.

      There is a bright side. Once in a while the guy behind me gets tired of
      banging his head on the steering wheel . . . did I mention I drive a lifted 4wd
      Suburban with oversize tires??


      Enjoy your weekend


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