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7928Re: [infoguys-list] Re: psychiatrist murdered at jail

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  • Linda Smith
    May 1, 2005
      This is rediculous. This is the 21st Century. In this modern age of knowledge explosion, any medical personell which work in the criminology field, not only should have medical training, but also security training, and this training should be mandantory.


      romulusredux <romulusredux@...> wrote:
      In spite of warning, Doc asked to be alone, failed to establish
      rapport, was leaving room, inmate strangled him from behind, Doc did
      not cry out, no observer would have had time or sufficient warning to
      save him, defense has better jury consultant, you lose.


      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, Jurydoctor@a... wrote:
      > I have this case going to trial on Monday. It is driving me nuts.
      > Here are the facts:
      > 1.Forensic Psychiatrist contracts with the justice system to do
      > evals (Insanity defense)
      > 2. Doc Goes into jail and nurse (also a contract nurse, not an
      employee of
      > the correctuons dept)
      > tells Doc that this guy is very dangerous, has been having auditory and
      > visual hallucinations
      > 3. Sherriff takes the doc into an interview room that is not
      equppied with:
      > A. a panic button
      > B. video cameras (they usually have them in there with sound off for
      > competency hearings)
      > c. Doc is not given a body alarm
      > D. door to room opens inward.
      > Make a long story short, Sherriff stands about 15 feet away from
      door., looks
      > up and sees inmate wondering the hall.
      > Goes into interview room, finds doc is blue, slumped in front of the
      > (since door opens inward, if inmate gets between doc and door, no
      way doc can
      > get out).
      > Turns out Doc was strangled by inmate
      > I am working for the widow.
      > my biggest concern is that he's the forensic psychiatrist, he should
      know how
      > to handle a legally insane person.
      > We are suing because the dept did not provide a safe work
      environment for the
      > doc to interview the inmate.
      > I need an analogy. It is sort of like a security officer that gets
      > because the apt building didn't have video cameras hooked up.. or
      > KWIM?
      > I just can't hit the nail on the head..
      > any ideas?
      > thanks,
      > amy
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