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7784streetcam website?

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  • Peg Daniels
    Mar 31, 2005
      If I recall correctly, sometime in the past few months
      someone posted a link to
      a website where one could enter an address in a city
      and out
      would pop street-level pics, from streetcams, I think,
      of that address and one's close by it -- not aerial
      shots, but like you're walking down that street and
      seeing the storefronts. I
      don't recall if there were any restrictions on the
      addresses -- I think you could stick in anywhere in
      the U.S., at least, tho I'm sure that depends upon
      whether your city has streetcams. I don't think the
      pics were being stream lived -- "captured stills," I

      Does this ring any bells with anyone? I can't remember
      the site nor find that e-mail now, and I'd really like
      to know what site that is.

      Thanks for any help you may offer,
      Dr. Peg Daniels

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