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  • Robbie Boyd
    Nov 14, 1998
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      Hello guys. My name is Robert Boyd. I am out of Oklahoma. I am just starting training courses for PI but have to go through basic security guard stuff also.
      I am writing to list group in hopes that anyone out there would be willing to share any good advice with a guy with a lot of heart and ambition.
      I am particularly interested in tools for skip tracing. I have been given a "test" case by a friend who had someone skip on a car note. He believes this person is still in the city. Can anyone tell me if there are FREE skip servers out there. I have gone to both addresses the individual put on there application. I have done a few things on foot.
      Today, I tried to use "Knoxw". I was charged 50 cents and told that no one with that last name even existed in my state. I found 4 people just in the phone book! Can anyone tell me who has the GOOD info on addresses,dmv,cbr's,ect.
      It would help if they were free, but cheap works too! The things I'm working on now, I don't even get paid for unless I can find the car. So.........needless to say, I'm trying to keep the overhead down.
      I appreciate the time you spent to read my plea.

      Grateful ahead of time,

      Robert Boyd in OK


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