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  • Shelly D.
    Feb 10, 2005
      > Message: 1
      > Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 20:47:21 -0500
      > From: "Jim Parker" <Jim@...>
      > Subject: RE: Allow Me To Show You It Works!
      > <<< We are at nearly 141,000 visitors this month and those people could
      > looking at your listing. >>>
      > Just so you know, Greg... There is no "caveat emptor" nonsense when you
      > deliberately misrepresent what you are selling, and falsify documents or
      > other items intended to provide evidence of your fictitious claims.
      > That's called "FRAUD"

      There are several folks on several groups that agree
      with just what you said here. It looks like the same comment
      others have & did say about Greg. He's hammered alot
      of groups with his "stuff" (best word starts with a "S" & ends in "T" !!).
      Take care, Shelly

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      > I suspect it's a word you will be hearing often in the not-so-distant
      > future.
      > Jim
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