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  • Jim Parker
    Feb 10, 2005
      Mr. McClain,

      You do not know me, and have probably never heard of me, but I am one of the
      investigators who has been independently monitoring your site since your
      posting on InfoGuys a week or so ago, because some of the claims in your
      post immediately grabbed my attention. Take a look at my signature line,
      and you'll see what I do for a living.

      As you can imagine, having specialized in Internet Fraud investigations for
      several years now, I have come across some exceptionally good con men.
      Unfortunately for you, you are not one of them.

      Good con men learn two things very quickly if they are to be successful in
      their endeavors:

      1) Their pitch must be believable, or at least, within the realms of
      possibility; and

      2) Their targets must be chosen wisely.

      Your claim of 141,000 visitors a month is not only preposterous and absurd,
      but it never ceases to amaze me how many people try to bullshit those who
      detect bullshit for a living. I would say that targeting a bunch of
      professional investigators who are skeptical and suspicious by nature was
      not a good choice on your part, and it will likely cost you dearly.

      There is good news though -- it's entirely evident that you are trying to
      increase exposure for you and your "network", and I intend to help you with
      that by giving you more "exposure" than you could possibly fathom.

      >>>SHOW ME 100% PROOF OF A CRIME - 100% OF FRAUD!!!

      Certainly - with no difficulty whatsoever.

      Keep your eye on this site, as it is soon to be updated:

      HYPERLINK "http://www.FraudsExposed.com"http://www.FraudsExposed.com



      JIM PARKER - Chief Investigator
      Email Tracing & Internet Fraud Specialist.
      Axis Investigative Services, Inc. (FL)
      Web: HYPERLINK
      Email: HYPERLINK "mailto:Jim@..."Jim@...
      Florida License #: A-2000163

      Director / Team Member of MissingKIN
      "Dedicated to finding missing and abducted children"
      Web: HYPERLINK "http://www.MissingKIN.com"http://www.MissingKIN.com

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