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  • Greg
    Feb 9, 2005
      I will not waste a lot of your time. However, I have taken alot of
      abuse from certain members of this group, some border line liable.
      I have never denied starting the Investigation Network and yes, even
      making a living at it. However, William Goulet, FYI Investigations
      has made every attempt to personally attack me, verbally rape me, and
      accusing me of actual criminal violations. I have faith in people,
      including most members of this group, that we can make our own
      decisions weather or not to pay a fee to be listed on a website with
      a purpose of marketing your own business. I do not believe Mr Goulet
      has a right to attack and verbally rape me - something I hope the
      moderator of this group will put to an end following my post. In
      closing - I will no longer post to this group - and no longer respond
      to the lies and liable remarks of Mr Goulet. I hope now, Mr Moderator
      you will allow this post, allow me to end my side, and end your
      endorsement of Mr Goulet's statements and verbal raping!
      Greg McClain
      Investigation Network
      PO Box 15374
      Fort Wayne, IN 46885
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