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7016Marijuana, a genetically modified organisum?

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  • Dave Oncale
    Dec 14, 2004
      Strange question. Does anyone out in PI land know if Marijuana is a
      GMO? We live in a wonderful county here in California where "medical
      cards" are issued for 25 plants per person, however the same group
      that passed that provision, just passed a No GMO law. Looking into
      the GMO issue. I am looking for someone who can direct me to solid
      evidence that marijuana has been gentically modified to increase THC
      content etc...

      For those of you outside of California, who live in a state
      considering legalizing Marijuana as a "medical" treatment, I would
      be happy to tell you what it has done to our community here. Read
      any proposition closely, for allowable amounts and regulations of
      use and distribution. We are in a nightmare here. I have a neighbor,
      with two state funded foster kids, and three barns full of dope.
      None of the local law or DA are willing to prosecute, or even
      attempt any enforcement.

      David Oncale
      California PI 18933
      DJ Oncale and Associates Investigations
      23150 Eastside Road
      Willits, Ca. 95490
      Fax 707-459-6395
      www.netposse.com (All the info you will need to know about horse
      theft and prevention)
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