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7[infoguys-list] A message from Spy Guy Investigations

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  • Spy Guy Investigations
    Apr 29, 1998
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      Dear Infoguys List,
      I started my own private investigations agency back in July of 1997.
      Since the last year or so I have met many great people and I have also
      found some great information from the internet. I was most impressed
      when I found the infoguys web page. I have found more interesting
      information from there pages than any others I have found. I would
      like to thank William for the great information. My question is,
      where can I find information on reconstructing a professional
      investigators association? The reason I ask is because recently the
      founder of our local association has ask me and some other members
      to help he rebuild his association. He has had some health problems
      and cannot keep running it by himself. If I could get some information on this subject I would be greatful.
      Thanks,Spy Guy Investigations
      "contact me at" spyguy@...

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