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6982VHS Tapes

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  • jamersrescue@aol.com
    Nov 29, 2004
      I worked for almost 10 years at a local television station, first as a news
      photographer then mgmt. I don't miss the news business one bit. I know you can
      do whatever you want to do tapes; we in the news business call it editing;
      other folk call it other things. I do not use tape at all on any of my cases;
      only still photos 35 mm developed in Black and White. I learned the hard way when
      I was shooting a press conference with a high ranking elected official when
      my reporter asked a question--the response wasn't the one he wanted so when
      another reporter asked something else my reporter put that sound bite onto the
      back of his question; had not a damn thing to do with the question at hand. I
      raised cain but it fell on deaf ears; this is just one example of editing tape.
      If you want more contact me via email and I will be happy to sahre my
      experiences with you.

      Jimmy Taylor

      Grimes & Grimes Investigations
      Post Office Box 720626
      Jackson, MS. 39272
      601.613.0242 office/cell
      601.892.6138 fax
      888.201.4809 toll free pager

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