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6889RE: [infoguys-list] amputation

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  • A Grudko
    Oct 22, 2004
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      > There
      were about 6-10 people in the van on the way to a religous revival.
      What is the percentage of fault for:
      Bernie _________%
      Maria _________%
      Allen _________%
      ALC _________%

      None of the above.

      As they were on their way to a religious revival, the accident was
      obviously 'God's Will' (also known as the 'GW Bush vs. The People Of Iraq'


      Incidentally, I lost my left arm in a car crash in 1998. An oncoming car
      overtook a minibus on a blind rise, crossing a double solid white line (NO
      overtaking) and I swerved to avoid a head-on, rolled the car and lost my
      arm. No one stopped.

      My insurance co. paid me US$ 4000 for the arm....

      Our government 'third party' insurance ruled that as I did not hit anyone
      else (a 'third party'), I had no claim (if I had hit the oncoming car I
      could have received about $1M).

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