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6689A question of ethics?

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  • RMRI, Inc.
    Jul 31, 2004
      Hello all,

           I have a question for the group...

           I'd like the opinions of the professional investigators here in reference
      to sleeping with your clientele.

           Most will find it inappropriate to do so.. But I think there may be
      another angle.. Let me express my feelings, with some client opinions to back
      it up..

           I feel like it just may be a good idea to sleep with your clientele.. It
      builds a stronger bond.. It dispels trust issues.. The client usually becomes
      more compliant to your "investigative requests"...  AND! If the client does
      "short change" you, then at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that
      you did receive some "form of payment".

           Here are some of my client's opinions on this:

      Monica Geller: "I did not mind sleeping with Rick, he was very thorough and he
      was a total gentleman. I trust him explicitly with all my cases now. He is
      the only P.I. for me.."

      Rachel Greene: "Rick did a great job.. On the case.. Well on me too.. He is a
      consumate professional."

      Phoebe Buffay: " Rick was wonderful.. I mean on the case of course... I try to
      bring him at least one case a week now.. There are some great benefits to
      hiring Rick to handle you, I mean your case.."

           I'd like to hear some of your opinions about this.....

           Thank you.


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