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666[infoguys-list] Re: PI Manual from Laura Wallace & Without A Doubt Investigations

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  • Chris Tang
    Sep 1, 1999
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      Mr. Boyd,

      I'm not going to stoop to your level by bashing you the way you did me
      simply because I'm not satisfied with someone's products. You indicate in
      your email that you "spent many hours and a ton of money" buying every book
      "under the sun" in an attempt to try and "figure out and become" and private
      investigator. Well, if you found the right book and most effective methods
      in the industry very early in your search for information, maybe you may
      have not spent "many hours and a to of money". I'm sure that you were
      dissatisfied with many of the products you bought and did not feel that they
      were worth as much as you paid for them. But, let me emphasize, my letter
      to Laura was not a "slam". It was simply a professional way of letting her
      know that her manual did not live up to my expectations and that I would
      like a refund. This "slam" is your *******PERCEPTION********which is your
      ******REALITY***** and no one else's reality but your own......not even
      Laura's. Laura was very appropriate in her response and was polite, offering
      me an opportunity to contact her and so forth, but for someone like you to
      pop up out of the woodwork the way you did and add new meaning to my e-mail
      is wrong and unprofessional. This leads me to question and not say that you
      are, but question, how many times you've come across a situation in your
      investigative work that "appeared" one way and you transformed that view to
      your liking. I ask this because you're very convincing and probably so
      convincing to the detriment of others.

      In addition, I am not a "wanna be Magnum PI". Because I disagree with
      someone else's view on things or don't get satisfaction for the $100 I paid
      for something isn't a negative thing. When you're not satisfied with the
      quality of goods you return it back to the merchant?? Well most people I
      know do. Therefore, I am not sure why as a result of my asking for a refund
      causes you to make a statement that I don't have the "juice" to do the job??

      I'm not "crying", I'm simply stating my position and asking for my money
      back and that is it. If Laura is unwilling to refund my money then that is
      certainly her choice. I know what my rights are according to the Card Issuer
      Agreement with my credit card company and will exercise them to the fullest
      extent if I am unable to resolve this successfully.

      If you found the training course to be the BEST for you then that is great.
      I'm happy for you.

      The e-mail sent to Laura was meant to go to her directly. I generally do
      not send mail to people on this forum and so I forgot that clicking the
      reply button, everyonen would recieve a copy. So, for those of you getting
      this piece of mail and are angered by it......please accept my apologies.


      Christopher Tang

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