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6167Gang Initiation Game

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  • Shelly D
    Apr 30, 2004
      From: "tom sisk" <etsisk@n...>
      Date: Fri Apr 30, 2004 5:43 pm
      Subject: Re:Lights out - Gang Initiation Game

      You might want to check out the Urban Legends website at www.snopes.com

      They address this very legend at this url:

      This has been floating around for about 20 years, the last 10 or so on the

      ** Tom,
      I went into the group to check something & saw your post here.
      I do not want to disagree especially with the way everyone has
      been getting along but, I do not think it is a hoax. There has even
      been programs about it. I do not remember if it was 20/20, or
      which TV show but it is the truth. Live in Los Angeles for a while
      & you'll see all the poop that happens there. It's a thrill just
      to wake up in one piece !!!!! I moved out of L.A. about 18 1/2
      years ago to country life & love it. Unless I get behind a cattle
      drive with wet warm green piles all over the road that you have
      no choice but to drive thru !@#$!
      Enjoy the weekend, Shelly

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