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6165RE: [infoguys-list] ALERT: 'Police Warning' -> ' Gang initiation game'

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  • Vicki Siedow
    Apr 30 9:09 PM
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      This list is fast becoming the internet's leading source of misinformation.
      PLEASE, everyone pass this link to your friends and foes:


      PLEASE, everyone check it before you forward these "dire warnings"
      "celebrity stories," etc.

      This particular story is covered here:


      It's a hoax, dating back to 1993. That's 11 years of people not bothering
      to check it out before sending it on. It's turned into the bloody AIDS
      virus, as have hundreds of other internet hoaxes. Your first clue should
      have been a cop referring to the "Cripts & Bloods" or whatever it said.
      Anyone who forwards a hoax should be warned once, then unsubscribed. People
      who don't bother to check this stuff, and just forward it, are like "gross
      polluters." I don't mean this personally towards whomever forwarded this
      one, I don't recall who it was, but please people, this list is full enough
      with compost as it is.

      Vicki Siedow
      Siedow & Associates Investigations
      & Custom Legal Support Services
      2629 Foothill Blvd. #262
      La Crescenta, CA 91214
      818-688-3295 fax
      CA Lic. PI #22852
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