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5350Internet Tracing/Computer Seminar & Workplace/Pre-employment Seminar

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  • Bernard Cane, CIP CII
    Oct 31, 2003
      Internet Tracing/Computer Seminar & Workplace/Pre-employment Seminar

      C.I.P.I. is weighing several seminar dates later this
      fall/winter/spring in the Los Angeles area. The problem we have seen
      in Los Angeles is anemic attendance. If we could get some serious
      commitments from the LA PIs on this issue, C.I.P.I. would host
      several one/two day events featuring an Internet "tracing" expert, a
      computer hardware/software guru, and a forensic computer expert, all
      three will teach you how to expand your business services to your
      clients and help you promote more LUCRATIVE business. We will also
      provide you with access to one of the foremost national experts in
      preemployment/workplace matters who will teach you what you NEED to
      know to steer clear of compliance pratfalls. If you are interested
      please respond [Privately] to the undersigned with your thoughts and

      Food for thought: if you are sole practinoner and you have been in
      this business for 3 years or more, and you are NOT grossing $240,0000
      or more per year, then these seminars are for you. C.I.P.I. wants to
      raise the standards of this profession up to a level where PIs are
      making a real living doing what we do best. If you aspire to be
      successful, then C.I.P.I. may be right for you. We are looking for
      quality not quantity. If you do not maintain E&O insurance, the
      proper business licensing, or you do not conduct your business
      professionally than you need not inquire.

      from the Office of the President
      Certified Investigative Professionals, Inc.
      C. I. P. I.
      Bernard Cane, CIP , CII
      President & Executive Board Director
      CA License # PI11452
      (800) 400-CIPI [2474]
      1001 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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