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5274Can anyone help me

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  • spynet
    Oct 8, 2003
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      Dear group,

      Recently i was trying to make some purchase from www.amazon.com but i found that they dont ship articles to India. Since I`m badly interested in the books i choose, now can any of u help me to get the books. I`m ready to pay the cost of books & postal charges.

      The books of my interest are :-

      MissingPersons:AWriter'sGuidetoFindingtheLost,theAbducted and the Escaped (Howdunit Series)
      Usually ships within 1-2 business days
      $7.04 - You Save: $9.95 (59%)
      Seller: abebooks

      PrivateEyes:AWriter'sguidetoPrivateInvestigating (Howdunit Series)
      $3.86 - You Save: $12.13 (76%)
      Seller: patriotbooks

      Just the Facts, Ma'Am: A Writer's Guide to Investigators and Investigation Techniques (Howdunit)
      Usually ships within 1-2 business days
      $8.95 - You Save: $8.04 (47%)
      Seller: hamiltonbook

      Any of you who is willing to help me please reply to my e-mail. I`ll seriously be obliged of him/her.


      Sachin K. SIngh
      Spyder Investigations Inc.
      2240/a mandir lane,W P Ngr.
      New Delhi-8 INDIA
      VoiceCall:- +91-9811614007

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