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4315RE: [infoguys-list] Suicide 101: Lessons Before Dying

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  • rbr007
    Feb 9, 2003
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      It is a combination of denial and plaintiffs attorneys. Parents want to
      deny that any part of the problem was their fault and the plaintiff's
      attorney knows that whomever he sues will cough up some money just to make
      the lawsuit go away.

      As long as insurance companies and corporations keep caving in to the
      pressure and paying on every lawsuit filed, it does not matter what we
      think. It will just keep on happening.

      As badly as I hate to say it, we do a lot of insurance defense work and God
      Bless plaintiff's attorneys. Without them my family would starve. I have
      the feeling I am not isolated on this issue.

      With best regards, I remain...

      Very truly yours,

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      There is a site on the Net that gives detailed instructions on how to
      commit suicide, from aspirin to carbon monoxide poisoning. A teen
      accessed the site before killing himself, and now the parents are
      suing the site owner. Should parents be allowed to sue because their
      mentally-unstable teen accessed the site? Aspirin, for example, is
      readily available at any drugstore? Is it the site's fault? What do
      you think?

      Details here:


      J., Spies Online Webmaster

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