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  • Frank Church
    Jan 1, 2003
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      I do not know this magazine, not suprising seeing I am over
      here:-) However, over the years, I have tried almost every
      type of advertising there is and, find that magazines and
      newspapers have always given the worst returns.
      They get flicked through once and are then discarded. Only if
      the reader wants your services at the time they are reading
      the newspaper or magazine, will they react. Otherwise the
      advert is a waste of time.
      An indexed type of advertising works better, where people look
      for an "Investigator" or "Process Server" We are still in the
      Yellow pages but have cut down from the $13,000 advert to only
      $3,000 a year.
      HOWEVER my web sites produce far better results than Yellow
      Pages ever did.
      Regards Frank Church
      Add me to your address books as your contact for Australia
      Have a GREAT New Year and double your profits, and keep doing

      "Rus B. Robison (rbr)" wrote:
      > From: Rus B. Robison (007) [mailto:rbr007@...]
      > Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 5:40 PM
      > To: ThePIGroup; PI2000 Newsgroup; PI Cases List; ION Exchange Group;
      > Investigators of America; Investigations Newsgroup
      > Subject: Advice Needed on Marketing Opp
      > I received an e-mail from these people soliciting an ad in their directory.
      > Has anyone advertised with this company and if so, what results could you
      > tie directly to their publication?
      > The ESQlawtech Weekly is the name they used in their solicitation. The also
      > had this name The ESQlawtech Instant Resource Directory and this website
      > http://www.reachlawyers.com in the solicitation.
      > We need to broaden our client base so if they have worked for you, I would
      > love to know your results. The last thing I need to do is to spent $200 on
      > something that produces nothing.
      > Thanks and happy holidays to all.
      > With best regards, I remain...
      > Very truly yours,
      > Rus B. Robison
      > Rus B. Robison and Associates, Inc.
      > Private Investigators
      > Post Office Box 720560
      > Oklahoma City, OK 73172-0560
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      > rbr@...
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      > Serving all of Oklahoma and the Great Southwest since 1972.
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      > to contact an Investigator or Expert in another city, remember to post on
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