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4052Did Dr. Powers goof up?

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  • Jurydoctor@aol.com
    Oct 31, 2002
      > James, aged 56 injured his neck in an industrial accident.

      His treating > physician,an orthopedic refers him to Dr. Powers, a pain
      > management
      > doctor. Doc examines and decides that a series of cervical epideral steriod
      > injections would benefit him.

      He returns one month later for the > injections (2) which are done and he is

      discharged to be transported back > home by his roommate.He complained to
      > the doctor that he felt lightheaded.

      After l> eaving the drs'. office and before going .5 mile he complained of a
      > flushing sensation and low back numbness and discomfort and developed
      > cardiorespiratory arrest. As a result of the arrest he suffered anoxia
      > causing permanent brain damage.

      He was taken by ambulance to the Hospital > and now is a resident in a
      > nursing
      home in a vegetative state.

      The doctor injected James' cervical twice , C5 and C6 with Contrast
      > dye,Depo-medrol and 1 to 4 ccs of 2% Lidocaine.Doctor says he instructs
      > patients to wait 10 to 15 minutes after procedure in waiting room before
      > leaving and has no clue what happened to James or what caused the
      > cardiorespiratory arrest.

      Doctors' expert backs him up. Plaintiff expert > says too much lidocaine
      > and should
      never be used except in a surgi-center or > hospital setting .
      What's your verdict?

      Was this negligence or a bad reaction?
      How do you decide when the experts disagree?

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