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3705Fw: Investigation Services Needed

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  • David H. Press
    May 31, 2002
      Has anyone heard of or currently doing business with this company?

      Please email me privately.


      David H. Press
      Press Investigations, Inc.
      3 Danada Square East #262
      Wheaton, IL 60187
      Ofc: 630-637-4008

      My organization is called CDC headquartered in
      Boca Raton, Florida.

      We represent some Law Firm Clients that have an immediate
      need for your
      Investigation Services.

      I would like to discuss an arrangement to refer our clients to
      your firm. If you'll provide me with the name of a contact individual,
      I will send a quick letter to explain all the specifics.
      We represent law firm clients that have expressed an immediate need
      for your Investigation Services and Litigation Support.

      CDC Inc is a National Business Organization that repres-
      ents more than 7,200 Law Firm Members ("the clients").
      Lawyers subscribe to our services, to find various firms
      and individuals that can assist them with their needs.All
      of the firms + individuals that do business with our mem-
      bers are affiliated with CDC through a Network Affiliated
      Agreement. Here's a brief summary of what we propose:

      We would like you to become affiliated with our Group and
      offer a courtesy discount on your hourly fee to our clients.

      In exchange for giving our clients a discounted fee we will
      agree to refer our clients and all of their cases to you, on
      a no cost basis. We are not seeking a fee or a commission
      on any of the business that we refer to you.

      Your expertise as an affiliate, meets the litigation needs for
      many of our clients ... and your discounted fee, helps us to
      market our service. Our revenue comes from an Annual Fee,
      that is paid by the clients.

      In the meantime, thank you for giving this matter your time and attention.

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