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3381Intelligence Gathering Symposium

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  • tabr0wn@yahoo.com
    Nov 30, 2001
      List Members,

      I would like to introduce the new speakers and topics for this years
      seminar. They are:

      How To Reconstruct A Crime Scene (Bodies Continue To Talk After
      Death): Presented by Detective Roy Heim of the Tulsa Police
      Department. He is the past president of the Association for Crime
      Scene Reconstruction, a member of International Association of
      Bloodstain Pattern Analysts and in fact, designed a template for
      impact analysis of blood and projectiles in 1990-1991. He currently
      works cold case homicides.

      How To Uncover Reasonable Doubt (The Role of the Criminal Defense
      Investigator): This program will be presented by the CDITC National
      Director and Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator Brandon A.
      Perron. Mr. Perron has trained thousands of criminal defense
      investigators across the nation and in 1998 was named "One of the top
      10 private investigation leaders in the United States" by P.I.

      How To Do Handwriting Analysis In-House: Former Corrections Officer,
      Treyce Benavidez is a 15 year specialist in handwriting analysis and
      holds a bachelor's degree in forensic science and psychology and is a
      qualified handwriting formation therapist. She will teach the 300+
      strokes, slants, base-lines, and more to see the 'real' person behind
      the pen. See how the size and spacing of letters and length of loops
      help "profile" a writer.

      Date: President's Day Weekend
      February 17th and 18th

      Place: Castaways Hotel & Casino
      Las Vegas, Nevada

      Further details can be found at

      Teri Brown
      Editor/Publisher of The Newsletter Of Joseph Culligan
      PO Box 44092
      Las Vegas, NV 89116-2092
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