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  • Brian Lockrey
    Nov 18, 2001

      My name is Brian Lockrey and I work for Data Assist,
      Inc. in Columbus, Ohio and I have a Masters degree in
      Computer Science and a degree in Electronics.

      My company does Data Recovery, Computer Forensics
      and Data Discovery. I am not a PI, but we work closely
      with PI's, Law firms, CPA's, Investigators, etc.
      because of the services that we offer. In fact, we
      "are the Computer Forensics" department for some

      I am very interested in "Partnering" with firms that
      could profit by offering more computer related
      services. We have a 5000 sq ft. data center with many
      interesting tools and a great crew. Plus, we really
      enjoy working with professionals such as Investigators
      and Attorneys.

      Please visit http://legal.assist.com or call me for
      more info.

      Brian Lockrey
      614-888-8088 x 104

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