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  • affordablepidick@aol.com
    Oct 7, 2001
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      There's got to be a way to track down your ex. If he's alive, then he's
      making transactions somewhere. The best thing you could do besides hiring a
      professional, would be to search ALL public records yourself. There are ways
      you can do this if you have Internet access, which will save you a lot of
      legwork. There are many sites out there. Of course they will charge you for
      the info, but nothing is free. I suggest you type in keywords such as: Public
      Records, Search, Find, Tax Commission, Government, Asset search, Real-estate
      records, and so on. Beware, not all sites are what they're cracked up to be.
      The best way to tell if the site is accurate, is to request info on yourself
      that you KNOW should be out there. If the site can't give you that info, then
      chances are, they can't give you any thing. GOOD LUCK!!!

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