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3281need advice for a parental abduction case

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    Oct 1 1:44 AM
      hey group..

      My name is Bill Hearn, and I have been in this business for about
      22 years now. I am an information specialist as of these days.
      Doing alot of locates, backgrounds, and less asset searchs due to
      our great gov., but I have two parental abduction cases that I am
      doing the locates for, and I think I might need some help on one.
      It involves a woman who stole her 7 year old daughter from her
      custodial father 2 yrs. ago. The cops are at a dead end, and I
      have basically ran out all my leads. The woman is a simi hacker
      type that has really buried her tracks. I have run several db's
      without any luck. I ran her thru phone co., utilities need an
      area to check, and I did all of the obvious searchs also.

      getting down to the brass tacks, is that I need alittle ad vice
      from you knowledgeable people.

      If you would please email me personally with your wisdom I would
      be in your debt. We will also pay for sources$$$

      Bill Hearn
      pob 407
      So. Prairie, wa 98385

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