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3039Fw: Whose who? Who are you?

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  • The Inhabitant
    Jun 23, 2001
      What is the jurisdiction you are moving in?

      Do you wish to move under a State Question?

      It could be a multi jurisdictional question, if the alleged respondent used federal identification forms.

      If the movement is on behalf of the Petitioner, then you should move forward on a civil action.

      Once you perfect the Civil Action, then the State must move forward on the felonious attachments.

      You can reference Title 18 USCA Chapter 47, section 1028. This State will codify this statute. In this State, it is found in Article 27, section 231. (General Public Laws of Maryland)

      There is only one form of procedure in an action at law. It is civil.

      The Question of identity theft involves a civil wrong. This tort in Law, is what the damaged party prays upon for relief under the laws of the State in the County Court located within the exterior boundaries of where in the damaged accrued.

      Improper procedure, and or venue will loose everytime.

      here on the banks of Swan Creek,
      off the shores of the Chesapeake Bay,
      stands this Inhabitant upon the Land

      Consensus Tollit Errorem

      Communis error facit jus

      Speaking the Truth in times of universal
      deceit, is a revolutionary act.

      George Orwell
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      From: Larry Lyon
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      Sent: Friday, June 15, 2001 7:46 PM
      Subject: [infoguys-list] Identity Theft Info

      Hello All:

      Does anyone have, or know where I may obtain stats on
      indentity theft?


      Larry Lyon

      L.L.Lyon Investigations

      My Web Site! Come and check it out.


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