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  • sisfe@vzinet.com
    Jun 5, 2001
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      No........but I bet we're get'n back in the prior to 1868 days......right ?
      Is that the story you're referring to ?

      I plead the blood.....not only The Blood of Jesus........but......I jes
      gotta be all mixed up...cause therer AIN'T really no kinda music but "down
      and dirty Blues"......wouldn't be any music in America worth a damn, if it
      wasn't for Blues and Black Gospel. That's a fact. I mean, with ALL due
      respect.....to my Native American Brothers and Sisters..........that beat
      they be having........ain't been mixed in any sound chamber and tracked in
      with any other type of musical sound production. To tell the
      truth.....Gene Kruppa never really got that drum play'n down correct either.
      Our Native Americans intended for the drums to carry a message, their
      message. I think Kruppa was just a Red Coat sympathizer.....who kept
      making noise and more noise, adding them damn snare drums.....until he made
      up what they called a trap set.....and I never figured out why they called
      it a "trap set"? Had to shoot that Morphine in his legs to keep play'n
      too !

      Blues IS the story of life.......life coming up out of the dirt....in these
      Southern States, the real story of a people actually "over coming" strife
      and poverty like no white man really understood then or now. Blues has
      told that story, for almost 200 years......with feeling. All you have to
      do is listen to the words.....they are not 'rap' songs.......they are clear
      descriptions of life as it was in America, the story is easy to understand,
      and if the music don't move you deep down inside....you probably do not have
      a soul. Plus, Cigarettes and Firewater go good with Blues ! Soul Food
      goes good with Blues........everything goes good with Blues. When all the
      old Blues songsters are gone......it will be like the death of a musical
      species......there will not be another like it, because later IF folks
      realize that sound is gone....when they try to immitate it to revive it, it
      won't be in their blood. There's been a few white boys that were excellent
      Blues folks....and recognized by some of the masters of Blues themselves, as
      being excellent Blues musicians.
      Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton....probably are the two top....well
      known artists. There are probably two dozen others of lesser rank......but
      there where thousands of real Blues musicians that were never heard
      of.......in every little town in the south, playing on weekends, mostly for
      drinks and a little eating money. I thank the Good Lord.....that I came
      up in the 50s and 60s and got to hear many of the best. I used to take
      care of Jimmy Reed when he would visit Dallas in the early 60s, when he
      toured. Somewhere I still have one of his harmonicas that he gave me in

      Gotta run.....been listening to the State's female lady prosecutor for 8
      hours a day, since Monday.....cut'n us up ...bring'n blood........
      Tomale, WE get to begin putting on our case......for about the next 3 days.
      Gawd, I hate it when .....you cannot hand it to the Jury before you get out
      Friday....and you have to try and come back on Monday.....YOU just cannot
      ever regain that momentum, I don't believe. KISS if you can.....at least
      Kiss and give it to them on a Thursday.....and most of the time....12
      can/will do the right thing.....with no pressure....except the pressure they
      bring on themselves to ...get thru in time to get to the lake on the
      weekend, right?

      Most respectfully,


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      > Thanks Max, it pisses me off when I hear the white South Afrikans talk
      > how they are treated now that the ANC has taken over. They don't stop to
      > think of how they treated the Blacks for all of the years that they were
      > charge. They still have all of the top level positions in education,
      > business and industry.
      > Looks like what goes around - comes around. If they can't stand the heat
      > get the hell out...
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      > PS: Only related if his family owned my husbands family. You remember that
      > story?
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