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  • Dean Boerger
    May 8, 2001
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      Dear List Members:

      I wanted to take the time to share an extraordinary experience that makes my ambition as an Investigator more enjoyable and profitable. I had posted the need for assistance with finding an address for a person who was thought to have a non-published number. This was a criminal case and court dates needed to be met. I was contacted by Michele Stuart of JAG Investigations, Inc. Michele was very professional, knowledgeable and displayed a sense of urgency in solving my client's request. Michele is a genuine person and a highly skilled Investigator. I would highly recommend everyone with any locate, pretext or telephone need to contact her for the best results. This was a new client who was ecstatic at the quick response and stated that they would use me again in the future.

      Michele Stuart
      JAG Investigations, Inc.
      1320 W. Elliot, #103-174
      Tempe, Arizona 85284
      (480) 988-2580 work
      (480) 988-2668 fax

      Thanks, Michele. I hope to work with you again soon.

      Best regards,

      Dean Boerger

      Boerger Investigative Services, LLC
      P.O. Box 1794
      Columbus, Ohio 43216
      (877) 754-8295 Toll-Free
      Web: www.boergerpi.com

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