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  • nightsneak@alltel.net
    Apr 29, 2001
      My god,

      I was looking for a professional PI list since almost every other
      list seems to be run by the same ....ummm...progenitors of the alt.pi
      genre and I was very surprised to find the archives of this list open
      to anyone to see how things were going. OMG....(that's "Oh My God"
      for the non-religious, non-internet savvy people). If I was Jane Blow
      in the public and read this unadulterated crap from
      supposedly "professionals" I would run and hire an honest-to-god
      criminal to do my work for me. At least they would be upfront about
      what they wanted. I have never, no, I can't say that, (I see it on
      every other PI list), mostly? hardly? ok, not real often? seen such
      unmitigated testosterone-spurting baloney by both male and female. I
      saw a couple new names here, so I thought, "Great, new ideas!" Bah!
      What is with this profession that they can't "all just get along" and
      come together to make this a real profession? The back-stabbing,
      selfish, under-handed, "never-forgive, never forget", un-learned, un-
      educated, over-learned, over-educated, never pass on, never teach,
      foot-stomping, better-than-thou attitude pervasive by all these posts
      that are freely available on any cursory internet search does nothing
      for your reputation or those of your peers.

      You want to know why probably 95% of people send unsubscribe requests
      to lists? Not because they don't know how. They are making a point
      that a bunch of you fail to attribute to good sense. They are FED UP
      with the garbage. They know damn well that it is going to result in
      25 more messages telling them what an ass they are, but they will be
      gone. Huh. Who is the ass that twisted the real intent into a
      frustration for their own selves? Maybe they knew just a little bit
      more investigative techniques and business sense than you did?

      This message has no particular person, and every person on this list
      as the intended recipient. If the shoe fits, wear it. My experience,
      the ones it was intended for, will blithely ignore it as not being
      meant for "them", and the ones who it was not intended for will take
      it to heart and be upset by it. So there I accomplish my goal, in
      that the ones upset by it will strive to better our profession.

      I only subscribed to this list to send this message, and I am duly
      unsubscribing on my own, so flame the list all you care, but if your
      over-active hormones are really getting you going, feel free to send
      me a personal message at nightsneak@.... I will take to heart
      any and all honest observations,AND try to implement them into
      something useful, but I will "blithely" ignore any and all chest-
      thumping, holier-than-tho attitudes because I can.

      And OTIS cracked me up!

      Deanna Ingersol
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