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28Re: [infoguys-list] Neighborhood nearby URL source

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  • L. E. Golden
    Jul 1, 1998
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      At 06:05 PM 6/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
      >New to the list, looking forward to exchange of ideas/techniques. . .
      >Speaking of, does anyone have a decent WWW source/URL for generating
      >neighbors (for telephone canvasses, activity checks, etc.). I know that
      >several commercial databases/infobrokers offer this service (e.g.,
      >Metronet, Equifax), and that you can purchase the Prophone CD rom, but I
      >was curious if any other investigators have ever stumbled upon a web
      >page that would allow one to generate this. They can come in very handy
      >in backgrounds, etc. when attempting to fashion a reasonable pretext.
      >Randy Donalds
      >Express Investigations

      Hi Randy, And Greetings To The List

      If in fact I correctly understand your request, there are two websites that
      will generate neighbor lists and phone numbers of same. The first site is:
      http://www.anywho.com After getting your (People) search result from this
      site just click on the Street Address Hyperlink and that will generate a
      neighbor list.

      The second site is: http://www.infospace.com After getting your search
      result from this site, click on the resultant name and that will generate
      another window. At the lower right of the window you will see a group of
      links under neighborhood. Click on neighbors and you should get a list of
      neighbors. Click on business and it will give you a list of businesses
      within the neighborhood (if any).

      Both sites are Reverse capable as well and will also allow first name
      search. Hopefully I haven't confused the issue and you will find this
      information useful.

      This is also my first post to the list and I too look forward to the
      exchange of information and ideas with all the list members. Oh, and Randy,
      you might check your computer Date and Time or maybe I have lost a few
      days. <G>



      Lawrence E. Golden
      Private Investigator
      OK Lic. PIA1717 AGI14689
      Pager: 405 770-2170

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