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2377RE: [infoguys-list] Fw: Criminal charges agains Rose Mary Cyr

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  • Gil Zimmerman
    Dec 6, 2000
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      You're missing the point.  Americans have a wonderful tradition of insulting other Americans as well as anyone else who gets in our sights.  Americans also go to great and sometimes illogical extremes to protect the right of freedom of speech, not only in America but sometimes around the world.  And too many Americans died in in Europe to give that and other freedoms back to European people who at the time were helpless to help themselves.  So don't pass of your misguided efforts to castigate and litigate against Rose Mary Cyr as a defense against national insults.  If your attorney is recommending that action, I strongly suggest you get a new attorney.  Or better yet, spend the money you would give to the attorney and go buy a good bottle of wine, kick back, and think about the stupidity that will be avoiding.
      Gil Zimmerman
      Cabinet ERHART, Paris, France
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      Dear Mr. Brown,
      With all respect, but I can except the insult of Rose Mary against all my fellow "Dutchies". I'm sure you wouldn't except any insult made to ALL Americans by someone from the Netherlands.
      Beside this, I gave her time to apalogize, but she is to "hardheaded".
      Intercept Investigations Ltd.
      Dr. Jac. H. Smits Ph.D./M.A.
      The Netherlands
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