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236[infoguys-list] new legal satire of criminal justice system

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  • acespencer@aol.com
    Jun 13, 1999
      Read about Ashley Blackwood, the greedy and corrupt California defense attorney who flaunts ethics, morality and justice for six-figures fees. PROSECUTORS WILL BE VIOLATED: No Matter What Crime You Committed, It's Not Your Fault by Archibald Spencer showcases Blackwood's courtroom manipulations.

      Law and Politics Magazine says of PROSECUTORS: "...biting satire -- combining a discerning vocabulary, delicious irony and tantalizing spoofs to both make fun of and demand a change in the criminal justice system...[The author challenges] the dpeths to which the media, the criminal bar, and yes, society, has adopted, at least for the sensational or very wealthy, the mantra, 'it's not your fault.'...The absurd world of PROSECUTORS WILL BE VIOLATED, where ethics and personal responsibility are replaced by self-pity and greed, is aptly portrayed."

      PROSECUTORS debuts June 15 on radio, bookstores and the web (amazon, barnesandnoble and borders). For more information, look at our website, www.trigance.com.


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