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222[infoguys-list] Re: AND Unsubscribing

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    May 7, 1999
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      Hi List, et al:

      I am the list owner and manager. I've lately recieved a number of angry
      messages from people who claim that they have been placed on this list
      without their consent. This simply is not true. I'd like to let everybody
      know how you got on the list and how you can unsubscribe from list.

      Firstly, you were not placed on the list. The only way to get on this list
      is to voluntarily add your email to the "FindMail" subscription form at the
      Infoguys website. We simply do not have the time nor the desire to go
      around the Internet and randomly find email addresses and place those people
      on our list. I consider this unethical and against Internet protocol. In
      addition, I personally find this kind of behavior deplorable.

      So, for those of you who may be lacking basic recollection capacity, or who
      believe the flames you casually distribute to the HUNDREDS of list members
      fall on deaf ears, please try to think things through prior to posting
      messages or contacting me. It would benefit the list. myself, and probably
      the world on the whole.

      OK - How to Unsubscribe:

      Unsubscribing from infoguys-list@...

      There are two ways to unsubscribe from a group: via e-mail or using the Web
      site. There are also ways to remain a member but reduce or eliminate the
      group e-mail.

      To unsubscribe via e-mail, send an empty e-mail to
      infoguys-list-unsubscribe@egroups.com . Be sure your e-mail program is
      adjusted to send mail from the address you want unsubscribed. If you are not
      sure what address you are subscribed as, you will find the address used to
      reach you in the "Return-Path" header of the message you received.

      To unsubscribe via the Web:

      go to www.eGroups.com
      click on "my space".
      click on the edit button.
      In the Subscription drop-down box, select "Remove". Alternatively you may
      wish to remain a member of the eGroup, but cut down on the volume of e-mail
      that you may be receiving. In the Subscription drop-down box, you can select
      "Receive daily summaries" or "Receive daily full-text digest" to receive
      periodic digests via e-mail. Select "Read it on the Web only" to remain
      subscribed to the group and view messages on the group's home page but not
      receive e-mail from the group.

      All the best!
      Bill Shelton

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      >Im not sure how I got on this damn list but i cant seem to get off no
      >what i do, i wish u better luck than I have had from these idiotic people.
      >Happy Hunting,
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