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  • RLPCLI@aol.com
    Jun 19, 1998
      You are all correct. It (FCRA) is a big problem. NALI is going to be
      involved by rapidly joining forces with virtually all the state investigator
      associations to network and promote letter-writing to the appropriate
      legislators. This one sneaked up on us pretty quickly, and we have to be more
      on top of these knee-jerk responses by congress and legislatures. Jack Reed
      has been appointed for his 5th term as Legislative chair. He and I are going
      to work closely so that information can be rapidly disseminated to NALI's
      Regional Directors and Assistant Regional Directors, and on to the various
      states' associations.

      Jack advises that legislators translate one letter into 500 votes. We can't
      afford high-priced lobbyists, but if we could generate as few as 1000 letters
      on an issue, these politicos would definitely sit up and notice. 5000 letters
      would make them squirm, and 10,000 would make them dance.

      It comes right down to how much effort each individual is willing to put
      forth. If the profession simply sits back and bemoans its fate, we're in
      trouble. If we get involved and encourage others to get similarly involved,
      we can impact the problem.

      How to start? Call your Regional Directors. Offer to serve as an Assistant
      Regional Director (the pay is terrible, but the rewards have the potential of
      being immense). Get involved in raising your own awareness, and that of your
      friends and colleagues. Encourage everyone to DO, not just TALK.

      "United we stand, divided we fall"


      Robert L. Parke, CLI
      NALI Assistant National Director
      P.O. Box 156
      Monticello, FL 32345
      fax 850/997-6919

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